Instructions for Completing On-Line Form:

1. Fill out all fields marked with an asterisk (The document cannot be submitted until all required fields are entered).

2. Fill out User Verification form field. This prevents spam in our database.

3. Click Submit Form button when document is completed

4. Click Print Form button after submitting.

5. Click Back Arrow on the web-browser (top left of the browser window) to return to form for additional submissions.

To Change Data For Additional Submissions:

1. Re-type in a new KOR Grower Code and Block Code.

2. Re-enter data for Additional Grower Lot Information (if applicable).

3. Re-enter new GPS values (be sure that each KOR No. has unique GPS coordinates).

4. Check to be sure all other information is filled in correctly.

5. Repeat from Step 2 to submit and print additional forms.

6. Click Reset Form button to clear all fields.

7. Close your browser to exit.

Instructions For Obtaining GPS Coordinates:

1. Go to GPS VIsualizer.

2. Enter an address/location and click Geocode It.

3. Click on the >> button in order to map this location.

4. Click on the GPS coordinates (lower left).

5. Locate Crosshairs on your orchard and read the decimal values for three digits (e.g., 36.295, -119.124).

6. If the default map is incomplete, select a different map (e.g., USGS aerial).

7. Return to Web Form.